Berean cogitations

Friday, April 13, 2007

Jodi Benson, letting Jesus shine through

People know her best as the voice of Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid.

I've had a few opportunities to hear Jodi Benson perform -- at Blossom Music Center, for example, as well as at a Christmas concert in Midland, Michigan. She's not known to be a huge Christian celebrity--at least, not in the same way as Kirk Cameron or the various contemporary Christian musicians. I do so love to hear her sing though, and I'm always pleased at the ways in which she speaks about her faith, squeezing this topic in whenever she can.

At times, it may be a simple as thanking God for her blessings. At other times, she may be more vocal, such as when she applauded the fact that she was allowed to perform at a *Christmas* concert (as opposed to, y'know, a "winter" concert). Obviously, she wasn't allowed to launch into a true sermon, but she made no attempt to hide her faith and her devotion to the Lord.
Kudos to Jodi Benson.

I wish that more performers were like her.