Berean cogitations

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Posted some videos on

I've started posting some video clips on You can find them at the following address:

So far, they all tackle issues of Christian apologetics; however, I hope to address other topics as well. My desire is to tackle a variety of topics that people don't normally hear about, but that are worth knowing.

For example, I mentioned that I attended a huge apologetics conference recently. I learned so much from the lectures, and from conversing with the various speakers. They shared some useful and mind-blowing insights into topics such as intelligent design, the historicity of the Scriptures and more. This material was pretty deep. Most of this was stuff that you're unlikely to hear in church, or that you're unlikely to find in your typical Christian bookstore.

I'd very much like to share some of these things with other believers. Unfortunately, churches generally provide few opportunities to teach apologetics, and when they do, they tend to be fairly basic in nature -- brief introductions to intelligent design, for example, or quick overviews of Josh McDowell's books. Sometimes, they'll teach out of books like The Case for Christ or The Case for Faith--books that are pretty darned good, but which are still (by necessity) pretty limited in their scope.

Through these youtube videos, I hope to share some of the things I've learned, as well as some personal experiences in presenting a case for Christianity. Unfortunately, doesn't allow me to upload clips that exceed ten minutes in length. This means that I won't always be able to tackle topics as thoroughly as I'd like, except perhaps by cutting the vids up into segments.