Berean cogitations

Monday, November 20, 2006

The '#1 Christian porn site' is worse than I thought

Earlier, I wrote about the questionable tactics used by, a ministry that attempts to help people who are addicted to porn. As I said earlier, I appreciate their intentions and I believe that they do some good work. I also commend them for taking a strong stand against the snares of pornography; however, I think that some of their tactics are questionable and unwise. I'd like to revisit that topic.

Among other things, I objected to the way they call themselves the "#1 Christian porn site." As I emphasized earlier, they're not a porn site; rather, they are anti-porn. I feel that it's rather deceptive of them to bill themselves in this manner.

I mentioned this on a couple of Internet discussion boards. Some people agreed with me; however, a few were quick to defend xxxchurch. They said, "I think it's okay to call themselves a porn site; after all, shouldn't they try to catch people's attention? They're just being clever. Besides, they talk about porn, so that makes them a porn site in my eyes."

Two quick responses here: (1) Should they try to catch people's attention? Certainly, but this does not justify the use of deceptive language. (2) Merely discussing porn makes one a porn site? That's crazy talk. By that logic, we should declare American Atheists to be a Christian organization; after all, they talk about Christianity all the time.

There's a more serious problem, though. Somebody recently informed me that uses a giant inflatable penis as their ministry "mascot." They call this mascot "Wally the Weiner," and they take him to college campuses as part of their displays. Talk about inappropriate!

Now, I'm sure that their goal is to attract attention. There's nothing wrong with that; however, their methods are in extremely poor taste. Do they not see the lack of wisdom in using pornography to fight pornography?

Indeed, it has become clear that they make copious use of shock tactics in their materials. Their documentary video -- supposedly an attempt to depict the depravity of porn -- is titled "Missionary Positions." Obviously, this is an attempt to be clever; however, the title also strikes me as crude and inappropriate for ministry work.

(Supposedly, the video also shows some lurid porn convention footage -- the putative goal being to document the depths of sin in the porn industry. I haven't seen the video itself, mind you; based on the descriptions that I've read, I'd rather stay away from it. However, if these descriptions are accurate, then I think that xxxchurch erred greatly in their decision to commit these things to film. Sometimes, you don't have to show things in explicit detail to describe the depths of their depravity.)

I'll say it again: I applaud the goals of this ministry. I really do. I'm also sure that they've been helpful to some people. Nevertheless, I think that many of their tactics are unwise, and that some of them are in extremely poor taste indeed.