Berean cogitations

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Loving God With All Your Mind" apologetics conference

I'm psyched! In just a few weeks, the Evangelical Philosophical Society will be having its annual apologetics conference. The title this year is "Loving God With All Your Mind" and it will be held on 16-18 November 2006 at a church near Washington, D.C.

I'm going! I learned so much from last year's conference, and I'me ager to go again. I relish the opportunity to speak with some of the finest Christian minds in the world. I'd also like to bring some of my friends along.

Yeah, I know; this type of material doesn't appeal to many people. Most Christians would rather go to a concert or a retreat, and many don't understand the appeal of listening to a bunch of renowned scholars speak. I hope to convince them that this sort of event will be worth attending, though. These gentlemen may be brilliant, but they also know how bring the subject matter down to a level that less educated individuals can follow--with a bit of effort, of course.